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Alacahoyuk Excavations by
Professor Aykut Cinaroglu,
Ankara University
Aigai Excavations by
Professor Ersin Doger,
Ege University
With special permission from Professor Cinaroglu and Professor Doger, we invite archaeology enthusiasts and academicians to be a guest at one of the two archaeological excavation sites and enjoy the thrill of the dig with the excavation team, even work with them on the restoration work, after visiting many amazing archaeological sites throughout Turkey. We combined this rare opportunity with a tour program which covers the best archaeological sites in Turkey.

Alacahoyuk is one of the oldest sites of residence in Anatolia and has been an important settlement during the Early Bronze Age and the Hittite Empire.

Aigai (1100 B.C) was one of the 12 Aiol cities, is a site that has never been excavated before and its special location protected the ruins and caused the site to remain intact.

Once you decide to join the tour and the excavations, an invitation letter from the Professor in charge of the excavation will be sent to you and a portion of the tour price will be donated to the excavation and your certificate of contribution will be presented to you at the end of the tour.

Come and experience the journey of a lifetime.

Field Study at Alacahoyuk & Aigai for Universities and University Students
Prof. Cinaroglu (Ankara University) and Prof. Doger (Ege University) invite university archaeology departments and students to Alacahoyuk & Aigai for field study during excavation period. A special permit is required to participate in the excavations, and the application should be submitted to the Turkish Embassy in US and then confirmed by the Director of the Excavations. Please contact us for more information on the permit and the field study.

For Archaeology Enthusiasts
Join the archaeological team of Alacahoyuk & Aigai and experience the thrill of unearthing 3500 years of history.
Sphinx Gate - Alacahoyuk
From Alacahoyuk
From Alacahoyuk


Unearthed at Aigai excavations - 2004
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